A Vision From God

In the fall of 2020, I was shown a vision by God in my sleep. In this dream I saw myself walking through a dark forest upon an overgrown path. Ahead of me I saw a bright light that led to a beautiful clearing. In this clearing raged a vast river. I knew I needed to cross this river but saw no feasible way across. Then in a pillar of light, Christ appeared on the far side of the river bank.

It was there that I saw that face of Christ, and then that he beckoned to me with one hand to, "Come."

As I struggled with my fears, I slowly felt my faith increasing inside of me until with a powerful determination it caused me to step onto the waters of that raging river. Like Peter from the Bible, I walked across that river and was met in a loving embrace by my savior.

This film depicts an adaptation of that story, a story of Faith, as best as I can tell it. May it be a reminder to you to trust in Christ.

-Christian Parrett

Trial of Faith

Each of us in this life will encounter a trial of our Faith. A moment where there is no logical solution to what we are facing, a moment where we must put our Faith in Christ and trust in him to deliver us.

The Call

On the far side of our trials, Christ calls us to "Come" to him. An invitation to have faith that he will deliver us through whatever trial we may face.

Watch The Film

Below you can watch the short film "Faith".

If you enjoy the short film, please consider exploring the beautiful collection of prints available from this production.
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